Due to so many Swifties asking Abercrombie to take down the shirt, they have since tweeted an apology and said that they love Taylor! Congrats, Taylor fans!

For those who don’t know, there is a shirt now being sold at Abercrombie that states “# more boyfriends than t.s.“. Here’s the deal…if you don’t like it, let them know! But don’t be using bad language or send them something that is pure hate. Simply send them an educated letter with facts. This was mine. True, it has a little bit of anger, but I tried my best!

I’m not here to yell or complain, but rather to just let you know how ashamed you should be of your store. The “# more boyfriends than t.s.” shirt that is being sold at some stores is extremely rude and egotistical. First, Taylor has dated six people. Six. Last time I checked, the 14 year old girls that shop at your store date more than that in a month! And if you’re trying to make a statement that Taylor’s some kind of disappointment, it didn’t work, because if that’s what the people think who buy this shirt, it’s just saying that they’re worse than what they think she is. Really, no one ever bothers you store, and it’s very low to create something to sell that targets a specific person. Yes, even if it’s an initial, it’s quite obvious. By the way, did you know that Taylor used to model for you? If I were in your models’ positions, I’d quit now, because they should now realize how you treat your present and past employees. It seems I’ve done more research and thinking than you have before you released such an immature product.

To email them, click HERE! There is also a thread created on Taylor Connect, where you can see the image of the shirt on the first page!

Sorry for not posting!  I know I’ve been gone quite a while, but my vacations for the summer are now over, so I’ll be home until school starts up again! 

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Below is a gallery of six new images from Taylor’s Keds interview! Take a look at the thumbnails for the full size image.

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Sorry for the lack of posts and updates! I just returned from England on a study abroad trip. I was gone the past week, but will be back to updating you on Taylor things now! Please visit TaySwift.com to see what happened while I was gone!


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