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Thanks to Diet Coke, there will be another ticket scavenger hunt, this time in Chicago!

The information is as follows:

Diet Coke Hides “Silver Tickets” In Chicago, Giving Local Taylor Swift Fans Extraordinary Access to Her Sold-Out RED Tour

Area residents can follow @DietCoke on Twitter for clues to uncover secret location

Diet Coke will prove Taylor Swift fans are the lucky ones with a social media-fueled Silver Ticket scavenger hunt that gives Chicago-area residents a chance to win coveted tickets to her sold-out RED Tour.

This Wednesday (August 7) at 8 a.m., Diet Coke will release the first of a series of Swift-inspired clues on Diet Coke’s Twitter handle, @DietCoke, leading Taylor Swift’s biggest fans in Chicago, Ill., to the hidden location of the Silver Tickets. The first four fans age 18 and older who arrive at the “Silver Ticket” location in Chicago will each receive two passes to see one of Swift’s concerts at Soldier Field, August 10.

Chicago is one of several markets across the country where Diet Coke will hide Silver Tickets to Taylor Swift’s highly anticipated RED Tour. In addition to the Silver Ticket program, Diet Coke will give fans extraordinary access to Swift through social, in-person and in-retail experiences during her sold-out RED Tour. From Swift’s first show in Omaha, Neb., to the final tour stop in Nashville, Tenn., Diet Coke will bring fans even closer to their favorite superstar.

Fans can follow @DietCoke and #DCSilverTicket for exclusive Silver Ticket access.

August 7
Chicago, Ill.
First clue released at 8 a.m.

Tim Holtz
Phone: 414-940-3556

Last night, we were enchanted to attend the RED Tour in Pittsburgh, PA from the pit! Below is my post to Taylor Connect, explaining the whole experience. It starts with the few bad things that happened, just because I was so disappointed with Heinz Field staff. However, all of Taylor’s show was amazing and everything was perfect by the end of the night! All of the images below are ones I took, so please don’t take them without giving credit! Also, a video of IKYWT, when Taylor hits her mouth with her mic.

So we got there at like 11 AM and got in line for pit. But when they let us in, there were like four lines, so people in the way back got up front, which really bothered me. So we didn’t get a spot on the fence, and the girls who were in front of us were EXTREMELY rude. We could’ve fit like four more people on the fence if they would’ve moved down a few inches but they wanted SO much room to themselves. And they like physically removed my hand from the fence which almost made me get security. By the end they got over the fact that we’d be piling up on them. The sun was so bad that we were like almost passing out & they wouldn’t let us have water in the pit…one girl did pass out.

The people working the pit and will call were all EXTREMELY rude. Also, the people we were with tried to call the venue a day before to find out what gate pit goes in…if it was the same as floor or not…and they were just like “ummm I don’t know, figure it out tomorrow”. When we were in the pit, I lost a spot on the railing to someone who FORCEFULLY picked up my hand and moved it off the railing so they could have a spot…AND THE WORKER TOLD ME TO STOP IT! I didn’t even do anything, and had to settle for a middle spot so they wouldn’t kick us out. I don’t blame Taylor or anyone with her tour for this, though, just Heinz Field, which is weird, because they’ve always been pretty good when I’ve gone there before.

I got soooo many compliments on my outfit, but none good enough to get Club RED! I wasn’t expecting it really, because I was in pit. Unfortunately, though, most of the girls who got it tonight were like “who’s Grant? Ew who’s this Claire person?!” They didn’t deserve it…not to be mean, but just…there are so many of us that want to meet her sooo badly…like me, since 2006…and we don’t get these chances.

But anyway, before the show, we wandered outside for a bit and Y108 asked to take a picture with us! They called me Taylor since I dressed in her WANEGBT outfit. Later, one of us was asked to do the money box thing…where air blows money and prizes around and you have to catch it all from the air. I was soo happy to meet everyone during this, too! We even met a girl who came all the way from GERMANY, and she actually got upgraded to a floor seat!


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I will be leaving the site unattended for a few days in order to prep and attend Taylor’s show in Pittsburgh this Saturday! If anyone needs to reach us, please contact us using the email in the disclaimer or on the contact page! See you after the show!

Exciting news! Not long after Tyler Glenn joined Taylor on stage for one of her shows this tour, it has been announced that Neon Trees will be opening for her Oceania Leg of the RED Tour! The article below can be found on Frontier Touring’s Facebook page.

Morning Swifties!

We’re excited to announce that US chart toppers Neon Trees will be joining Taylor Swift for all her #RedAUSNZ shows!

This won’t be the first time that Neon Trees and Taylor Swift have shared a stage however. Taylor recently invited Neon Trees lead singer Tyler Glenn on stage with her during her RED Tour for a special performance of ‘Everybody Talks,” telling the New Jersey audience that she’d “called up one of my favourite lead singers from my favourite band to sing one of my favourite songs.”

Neon Trees will open Taylor’s stadium shows across Australia, followed by Guy Sebastian and then the headlining lady herself, Taylor Swift. Neon Trees will be Taylor’s main support for both her Auckland shows.

Tickets to The RED Tour are on sale now, with some shows close to sell out. Hurry – because you don’t want to miss out on this one!

Below is an article about how Taylor will take on her upcoming outdoor stadium stops for the summer! It’s amazing how she is so dedicated to connecting with her fans, even now, while she’s one of the hottest musicians out there! Thanks for being such a great idol, Taylor!

Taylor Swift Says She’ll Still Connect With Fans On Her Stadium Tour

Taylor Swift says she still has no trouble feeling close with her fans even when she’s performing in arenas. Taylor Swift recently guest-starred on the Fox sitcom ‘New Girl’ and says she only participates in film or TV projects that really impress her.

Taylor Swift shares her feelings and personal experiences on her hit records, but the 23-year-old Grammy winner isn’t worried about losing intimacy with her fans on a stadium tour.

“I find that you have to emote a little bigger, but you can reach all the way up to the top,” she said. “Eye contact is important, even if it’s from 500 yards away.”

Swift said she’s never worried about the sound being lost in a massive space. With a few shows already under her belt, she feels they’ve gone pretty well.

Read more: HERE

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>>August 10: Chicago, Illinois

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