Below are two HQ images of Taylor’s new ad in the September issue of Seventeen Magazine. Click on the thumbnails to view them!

Tonight’s the night! There have been rumors that Taylor may not be attending the TCA’s tonight, but we’ll just have to wait and see… Click HERE to view a live stream of the awards, which began at 6:15 EST. Check back for more updates…

  1. Ed Sheeran has arrived and been interviewed!  The first image of him has surfaced…click here to view it!  Ed won his award!
  2. Taylor did not attend, but she won two of her awards!
  3. In the TCA disclaimer, it states that the producers have the right to pick the winners…so don’t feel bad, we didn’t let down Taylor!  It was based on who was there, and Taylor deserved a day off.

Two new images were released in high quality of promotions for Diet Coke with Taylor! Check them out by clicking the thumbnails below.

iTunes has just released a new remix of Everything Has Changed, which features a new, upbeat tempo, as well as Ed Sheeran on the entire second verse. Be sure to click the album art below to purchase!

Last night, we were enchanted to attend the RED Tour in Pittsburgh, PA from the pit! Below is my post to Taylor Connect, explaining the whole experience. It starts with the few bad things that happened, just because I was so disappointed with Heinz Field staff. However, all of Taylor’s show was amazing and everything was perfect by the end of the night! All of the images below are ones I took, so please don’t take them without giving credit! Also, a video of IKYWT, when Taylor hits her mouth with her mic.

So we got there at like 11 AM and got in line for pit. But when they let us in, there were like four lines, so people in the way back got up front, which really bothered me. So we didn’t get a spot on the fence, and the girls who were in front of us were EXTREMELY rude. We could’ve fit like four more people on the fence if they would’ve moved down a few inches but they wanted SO much room to themselves. And they like physically removed my hand from the fence which almost made me get security. By the end they got over the fact that we’d be piling up on them. The sun was so bad that we were like almost passing out & they wouldn’t let us have water in the pit…one girl did pass out.

The people working the pit and will call were all EXTREMELY rude. Also, the people we were with tried to call the venue a day before to find out what gate pit goes in…if it was the same as floor or not…and they were just like “ummm I don’t know, figure it out tomorrow”. When we were in the pit, I lost a spot on the railing to someone who FORCEFULLY picked up my hand and moved it off the railing so they could have a spot…AND THE WORKER TOLD ME TO STOP IT! I didn’t even do anything, and had to settle for a middle spot so they wouldn’t kick us out. I don’t blame Taylor or anyone with her tour for this, though, just Heinz Field, which is weird, because they’ve always been pretty good when I’ve gone there before.

I got soooo many compliments on my outfit, but none good enough to get Club RED! I wasn’t expecting it really, because I was in pit. Unfortunately, though, most of the girls who got it tonight were like “who’s Grant? Ew who’s this Claire person?!” They didn’t deserve it…not to be mean, but just…there are so many of us that want to meet her sooo badly…like me, since 2006…and we don’t get these chances.

But anyway, before the show, we wandered outside for a bit and Y108 asked to take a picture with us! They called me Taylor since I dressed in her WANEGBT outfit. Later, one of us was asked to do the money box thing…where air blows money and prizes around and you have to catch it all from the air. I was soo happy to meet everyone during this, too! We even met a girl who came all the way from GERMANY, and she actually got upgraded to a floor seat!


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